BUMPY™ Biliary Stent


  • Benign biliary strictures and pancreatic strictures


  • Irregular cell sizes with different magnitudes of segmental radial force with flared ends
    – Irregular cell sizes of segmental radial force does not completely compress the side branches for preventing stent related pancreatic sepsis or pancreatitis
    – Anti-migration : Both flared ends prevent the risk of migration
  • Easy removal : Fully PTFE (body portion) and silicone (both flared ends) covered design along with a removal string at the proximal end of the stent for easy removal
  • Radiopaque marker : 3(three) at both ends & 2(two) in the middle

Procedure Video

Released Articles

  • Fully covered self-expandable metallic stents in benign biliary strictures: a multicenter study on efficacy and safety
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  • Modified fully covered self-expandable metal stents with antimigration features for benign pancreatic-duct strictures in advanced chronic pancreatitis, with a focus on the safety profile and reducing migration
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  • Feasibility and safety of placement of a newly designed, fully covered self-expandable metal stent for refractory benign pancreatic ductal strictures: a pilot study (with video)
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