BETA™ Esophageal Stent


  • Leak or fistula after bariatric surgery


  • Unique design : PTFE covered body and Silicone covered outer double layers

– Body : PTFE membrane with unfixed cell construction provides excellent flexibility and conformability to fit in tortuous anatomy

– Outer double layers : Silicone covered double layers prevent the risk of migration and any substance to contact the leak or fistula

  • Both distal and proximal retrieval strings help for easy removal or reposition
  • Radiopaque marker : 4(four) at both ends & 3(three) in the middle of each ring

Released Articles

  • Over tube-assisted over-the-wire stent placement to treat a post-surgical duodenal leak
    by Antonino Granata et al [Endoscopy. 2016;48 Suppl 1:E220-1]